Ratu Dovi Road to close for maintenance

December 9, 2023 4:27 pm

[Source: Fiji Roads Authority / Facebook]

The Fiji Roads Authority has announced the closure of Ratu Dovi Road from nine tonight to four tomorrow morning to conduct essential maintenance.

During this period, the road will be closed from the Kings Road junction Centrepoint to Nokonoko Roundabout.

To facilitate smooth traffic flow during the closure, the FRA recommends alternative routes for affected motorists.

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Those travelling from Kinoya can utilize Golf Link Road and Nokonoko Road, with the option to turn onto Kinoya Road or into Vasant Lal Road.

Additionally, commuters have the option to use Kings Road, turning into Velau Drive or Kinoya Road as an alternative route.

The FRA acknowledges the inconvenience that may arise due to the temporary road closure and assures the public that these maintenance efforts are essential for the long-term improvement of Ratu Dovi Road.

Motorists are advised to adhere to the temporary traffic management plan in place and exercise caution while using alternative routes.