Propose salary adjustments face criticism

May 23, 2024 2:54 pm

Aerial shot of Parliament [Source: Parliament of the Republic of Fiji/ Facebook]

Dialogue Fiji has raised serious concerns regarding the proposed Salary and Benefits Increases for Members of Parliament, President, and Speaker.

Dialogue Fiji Chief Executive Nilesh Lal expressed disappointment over the recommendations made by the Special Committee on Emoluments, which proposed substantial increases in the salaries, allowances, and benefits for the President, Speaker of Parliament, Government Ministers, and Members of Parliament.

Lal says that at a time when the nation is grappling with economic challenges and the public is subjected to fiscal consolidation policies, it is inappropriate to propose such hikes in the compensation of MPs and statutory position holders.

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[Source: Supplied]

He says that these recommendations are out of touch with the economic realities faced by the majority of Fijians and their sentiment.

The CEO of Dialogue Fiji says that the explanation provided for the proposal for an increase in the overseas travel per diem for the President and Prime Minister is confusing.

Lal states that this proposal, if implemented, would result in the highest compensation for MPs and statutory position holders in Fiji’s history.

He says never before have MPs and statutory officers been compensated so generously.

He adds that these recommendations are not timely when many Fijians are struggling to make ends meet.

La says implementing such increases would not only put significant pressures on the public coffers but also send the wrong message to the populace, who are enduring economic hardships.

Dialogue Fiji urges the parliament to reject these recommendations and to prioritize the needs of the nation over the interests of a few.

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