PRF advocates for responsible recycling

February 22, 2024 4:07 pm

[Source: PRF]

The Pacific Recycling Foundation and relevant partners are calling on global leaders to step up and take responsibility for waste recycling.

Founder Amitesh Deo made the comment in Koronivia, Nausori, today while announcing key partnerships with Tourism Fiji, Swire Shipping, Pacific Energy, Fiji National University, Nestle Fiji, and R.C. Manubhai.

Deo emphasizes the importance of collaborating with government agencies in the effort to align recycling initiatives.

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“In actions by that, I mean getting government agencies to also align their policies and outlook to waste management streams because otherwise there’s this disconnect. We are all saying that at the policy level we want to do this, but at the implementation level, where we as an organization are implementing, there is a disconnect. We need to make sure that these arms work together.”

[Source: PRF]

Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Brent Hill says the responsibility lies with everyone to manage waste and maintain a clean environment.

“The onus is on all of us; this is something we all can do to look after our wastes and keep Fiji beautiful, so we really endorse the work that is being done; we invite everybody to play a role, really make some effort, talk to other people in your workplace, and make some meaningful, sustainable change because you know if we put all our hands together we can really make a change and keep Fiji beautiful.”

[Source: PRF]

This year’s theme for Global Recycling Day is keeping promises, a commitment to sustainability that highlights the collective responsibility to preserve our planet for future generations.