Rabuku’s revocation end of process says Turaga

July 10, 2024 12:27 pm

Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga (left), Acting Director of Public Prosecution John Rabuku

Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga says the revocation of appointment of Acting Director of Public Prosecution John Rabuku is now the end of the process.

Turaga says the appointment of a new Director of Public Prosecutions will be determined by the Judicial Services Commission.

The DPP is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Judicial Services Commissions.

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Section 117 of the 2013 Constitution states that the DPP is appointed for a term of 7 years and is eligible for reappointment and he or she must also be a person who is qualified to be appointed as a Judge.

“That’s the end of the process, his appointment by the President that process has been revoked. We know what had transpired from Supreme Court.”

Acting Director of Public Prosecutions John Rabuku today confirmed that he has received a letter from the Office of the President for revocation of his appointment.

Rabuku confirms that the revocation will come into effect at midnight and that he will no longer be acting DPP.

He says the decision was reached following his meeting with the Judicial Services Commission.

Rabuku has thanked the JSC for not acting arbitrarily as soon as the Supreme Court opinion came out.

He has acknowledged them for considering his proposals on the way forward and being steadfast despite the public calls for his immediate resignation.

Rabuku adds that he is leaving the office of the DPP on fair terms that were mutually negotiated, as the rule of law cannot be blind to the need for him to also exit the office properly, fairly, and with dignity, despite the circumstances.