New NIC to support students

May 18, 2022 2:30 pm

A National Information Center to provide higher education opportunities for students in Fiji was launched today.

Speaking at the launch, Permanent Secretary for Education Anjeela Jokhan says there was a need to develop this network as it was one of the requirements of the Asia-Pacific Regional Convention.

She adds that the NIC was developed in-house over an eight-month period.

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Jokhan says they used to register details manually, but a digitalized platform will make their work easier and more convenient for all.

“The information available on the NIC includes a description of the Fijian Education System in general, a detailed description of the Fijian Higher Education System, quality assurance systems for higher education institutions, programs available and accreditation of programs, the Framework for organizing Higher Education Qualifications and the Procedures for the Recognition of Foreign Qualifications.”

The NIC will be available on the Higher Education Commission’s revamped website and can be accessed by locals and the members of the convention.