Yalayala claims he’s a scapegoat in murder case

April 24, 2024 12:07 pm

Revoni Yalayala in court today

33-year-old Revoni Yalayala who is alleged to have murdered a taxi driver in Lautoka, told the court today that he’s a scapegoat in this matter.

Yalayala is being accused of killing Donal Sarwan Prasad in Qalitu, Lautoka, last December.

He conveyed to the Lautoka High Court judge his discontent with the circumstances leading to his arraignment.

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Yalayala claimed that he was abruptly summoned from his cell to appear before the magistrates court without due process, emphasizing that he was never subjected to a caution interview.

Yalayala also raised concerns regarding the authenticity of his caution interview statement, alleging that it was fabricated and maintained that he did not sign it.

The judge duly acknowledged this, noting their significance for potential consideration during the trial.

Yalayala also again voiced grievances about alleged verbal mistreatment endured while in remand.

Responding to these claims, the judge assured Yalayala he would look into the matter.

The matter was also supposed to be for bail hearing today, however prosecutor Simione Seruvatu requested if this could be done next week.

The bail hearing will now be on the 1st of May.