More women participate in apprenticeship scheme

March 10, 2024 4:11 pm

Tertiary Scholarships and Loan Services Chief Executive Hasmukh Lal, highlights an uptick in scholarships awarded to women.

Speaking during the Incentive Apprenticeship Grant Award event, Lal says this reflects the increasing tertiary participation rate of females nationwide.

He adds that this move aligns with Fiji’s pursuit of inclusivity, promising significant dividends for the nation’s progress.

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“At TSLS, we have been giving more scholarships to females; no favoritism, but it’s the tertiary participation rate of females is increasing in the country, and it’s a good sign that our females are no longer marginalized, but Fiji is backing a gradually inclusive country, which will definitely pay a huge dividend to our country overall.”

He adds that they would like to see more females receiving the apprenticeship scheme if the grant still exists in the next few years.

ASCO Motors, Grace Drodrolagi, one of the apprenticeship recipients, says that this scholarship will help women in the trade sector.

“You don’t really see many women in the field, so yeah, it is quite challenging, but yes, so I feel like this apprenticeship scheme does help in your future too.”

She adds that more women can join the trade workforce because of the apprenticeship scholarship.