Ministry to ensure international standards are met

January 31, 2023 12:10 pm

The Ministry of Agriculture will be looking at ways to improve the kava industry to access more overseas markets.

According to Minister Vatimi Rayalu, they will ensure that international standards are met.

Rayalu says Kava is one of the major crops that the Ministry will look at in terms of revamping agriculture’s contribution to the economy.

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He adds if we want to penetrate the US market, then the Food and Drug Administration standards need to be met.

“The US FDA standards are quite strict when it comes to hygiene. They will come and have a look at the whole process from harvesting to washing to cleaning and right up to when it’s founded and packaged.”

The Agriculture Minister says there are some issues raised by exporters and buyers that need to be addressed.

Meanwhile, Minister for External Trade Manoa Kamikamica earlier highlighted that the trial for the commercial importation of kava into

Australia began in December 2021, Fiji has exported nearly 50 tonnes of kava worth over $4 million.

Kamikamica says there are over 150 registered kava exporters.