Minister clarifies overseas recruitment rules

May 22, 2024 12:15 pm

Minister for Employment Agni Deo Singh says no agency apart from the National Employment Center and eight others are authorized by the Ministry to register workers who seek employment abroad.

Singh while speaking in parliament provided an update on the active agencies within the Ministry apart from NEC.

He adds that to protect members of the public from becoming victims of fraudulent activities by illegal recruiters; they need to verify their recruitment authorization before entering into any financial agreement or providing personal details.

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Singh says the Ministry regularly monitors the eight other agencies.

“For the record, the National Employment Centre under the Ministry of Employment is the only center authorized to prepare workers for employment opportunities in Australia under the PAM scheme or in New Zealand under the recognized seasonal employer work scheme.”

Singh says employers interested in recruiting workers from abroad to work for them here in Fiji will have to go through the Ministry of Immigration.

“For those employers who are interested in recruiting workers from abroad to work for them here in Fiji, they go through the Ministry of Immigration. But once the workers are here, they are employed, it is the duty of our Ministry to ensure that the employees here comply with the minimum standards equal to those that are governing our local employees.”

He adds that this comprehensive approach aims to uphold the integrity of Fiji’s labour export processes, ensuring that Fijian workers are protected and well-prepared for their overseas employment opportunities.