Millions needed to fix sugar industry: Prasad

June 4, 2023 4:55 pm

[File Photo]

Years of mismanagement and neglect take lots of money and time to fix, says Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad.

He made the comments during a budget consultation at Vunimoli Primary School when questioned about the plans to fix railway network to assist cane farmers.

A few cane farmers have raised concerns on the cost associated in delivering sugar cane to the mills.

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The Finance Minister says they want to ensure that different arms of the industry work better so that they are able to address the pressing issues.

Prasad says over the last decade, the Fiji Sugar Corporation and the sugar industry have been mismanaged.

“People who decided not to maintain rail had no idea and they let it deteriorate and it has gone to an extent where we would need millions of dollars to fix the system and so it can’t be fixed overnight. I think the new leadership in the industry they are looking at it and it will take some time.”

Prasad says right now, they are addressing immediate issues to make sure the growers at the farm level are provided more incentives so that they are able to produce more cane.