Maritime compliance crucial

May 20, 2024 7:15 am

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Transport has emphasized the importance of regulatory compliance in maritime operations.

While officiating at the Women in Maritime Day celebration, Minister Ro Filipe Tuisawau highlighted recent incidents where ships were stranded at sea due to the lack of backup generators, with operators failing to meet the compliance requirements.

Tuisawau says it’s crucial for all maritime vessels providing services to the maritime islands to be in compliance or face the consequences.

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“We will continue to support that in terms of moving forward, not only practically but also in terms of the regulatory and legislative environment as a government. We agree that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Ship safety, crew safety, and passenger safety in all types of vessels.”
Tuisawau says making informed decisions in the maritime sector is crucial, as we are dealing with the lives of passengers who use vessels as means of transportation at sea.

Any maritime vessel found to breach survey certification can be fined up to $500, whereas vessels found to overload passengers can be fined up to $750.

Vessels need to have proper survey certificates, safe-manning certificates, and a valid fumigation and radio service certificate, to name a few.