Labasa Hospital's emergency services set for transformation

January 27, 2024 4:22 pm

[Source: Ministry of Health & Medical Services - Fiji/ Facebook]

The Ministry of Health has initiated a significant project to revamp the emergency center at Labasa Hospital.

This comes as the MoH has signed a partnership with the Korea International Cooperation Agency to enhance critical healthcare facilities.

Minister for Health and Medical Services, Dr. Atonio Lalabalavu states that the ongoing initiative will be a game-changer for the residents of the Northern Division.

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He adds that thousands of patients have already reaped the benefits of the enhanced facility, which now offers round-the-clock emergency services.

[Source: Ministry of Health & Medical Services – Fiji/ Facebook]

Korea International Cooperation Agency Country Director, Kapchae Ra, emphasizes the pivotal role of the emergency room as a lifeline for Fijians, highlighting its critical importance in safeguarding lives.

Ra reaffirms KOICA’s commitment to supporting emergency services, citing their prior contribution of $2.5 million for the expansion of Labasa Emergency Center in 2009.

He adds that beyond the current renovation project, KOICA has collaborated with the Ministry of Health on various initiatives, including the construction of a rehabilitation center in Suva and the establishment of a simulation center at FNU.