Integrity Fiji launches anti-corruption album with local artists

February 24, 2024 4:11 pm

A collective of local artists is embarking on a mission to advocate against corruption through expressive art, particularly music.

Last night, the non-governmental organization Integrity Fiji/Transparency International, along with singer Josateki Naituku Nailati and his group, launched an album aimed at conveying messages in the fight against corruption.

Popularly known as Josa, Nailati believes that music transcends barriers, making it an ideal medium for delivering such messages effectively.

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“When words fail, music speaks. That was how all of these came together just really trying to push values and advocates for anti-corruption.”

The album titled “Integrity” has five songs in it.

For the outgoing Executive Director of Integrity Fiji, Dr. Joseph Veramu, this album serves as a fitting farewell, as he has spent years advocating against corruption.

“We feel that corruption is an issue in Fiji and the Pacific and we felt that spreading the message through songs is sort of one way to curb it.”

The album can be accessed on Josa’s YouTube channel.