Innovative classroom intervention

January 8, 2024 6:19 am

The Ministry of Education is concentrating on customized tactics to handle a range of student misbehaviour as it works to discover successful classroom management solutions.

Permanent Secretary for Education, Selina Kuruleca, says that among the key interventions discussed was the “Tab” approach, a unique strategy aimed at both curbing misbehavior and rewarding positive conduct.

The PS states that the child will be given three questions, which they will answer and give back.

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“The questions are based on what you think you’re doing that requires you to take a time out, what could you have done differently, and what do you promise to do differently in the future along those lines.”

Kuruleca is optimistic that this approach will also reward positive conduct, which can also be a learning curve for those who are misbehaving.

“A tab can also be taken; taking a break can also be done when the child is doing really well and you want to reward them. What helped you do really well? What are some things you would suggest to other students?”

Fijian Teacher Association President Netani Druavesi believes that we need to bring back the rod.

The Education Ministry believes that this approach serves not only as a tool for communication between teachers and students but also acts as a deterrent by involving parents in the disciplinary process.