ICAO critical for developing nations: Gavoka

April 17, 2024 11:54 am


Deputy Prime Minister Villiame Gavoka has stressed that having an International Civil Aviation Organization presence in the Pacific is crucial for the Small Island Developing states.

Gavoka says the established ICAO office in Nadi will help strengthen and facilitate relationship-building between SIDS.

He adds some states do not have the full capabilities to discharge their ICAO membership duties, hence the regional office will aid in this issue.

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“Most PSIDs do not have the capabilities to fully discharge their ICAO membership obligations or engage constructively with programs and gain the best possible benefit from their membership. Therefore, an ICAO presence in the Pacific is an essential component of strengthening.”

Gavoka says that Shane Sumner was appointed the Pacific Liaison Officer for ICAO in August last year.

He adds that Sumner’s role includes facilitating improvements in aviation regulatory and technical outcomes, assisting SIDS in research and capacity challenges, and enhancing communication with stakeholders.