Patient empowerment to raise awareness on RHD

November 29, 2023 6:03 am

Heart Heroes Fiji is an important bridge between the community of people living with Rheumatic Heart Disease and the health care system.

Doctor Sainimere Boladuadua says it is different for health professionals to try and raise awareness about RHD as compared to someone who’s got the lived experience because they relate to it more.

Boladuadua says it has taken a number of years to get to this stage but she knows that HHF will do their best in raising awareness about RHD.

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“I am thinking of all the people who don’t have someone to advocate for them, to speak out for them. That’s a huge part of HHF’s role, yes it is in the RHD space empowering our people living with RHD to be able to speak up more about the disease but also have the courage to speak up and ask after being taken care of.”

Meanwhile, RHD Champion Kehila Morrel believes that involving champions is a brilliant idea because impartation is crucial.

She believes that through this lives will be changed and is looking forward to working with patients and champs coming in.