Nurses' long wait for pay increase ends

April 20, 2024 3:57 pm

[File Photo]

After much struggle, nurses have finally received the recognition and pay raise they have long been demanding.

This was highlighted by the Fiji Nursing Association General Secretary Filomena Taluwadua after the announcement of the approved adjustments in nurses’ salaries at their 65th Annual General Meeting at Grand Pacific Hotel today.

Taluwadua expresses gratitude for the long-awaited salary increase that will support nurses and their healthcare services.

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“We can only say today that we are thankful to god that this have eventuated, we are thankful that we have been able to dialogue, we are thankful that the nurses have been given the recognition that they have been longing for and they have been given this increase as they were also longing for and what more can we say, we’re just thankful that’s all.”

The General Secretary says the FNA challenges nurses to provide care with utmost dedication after receiving a pay increase.

“I don’t believe it’s fair to say it should’ve been given long ago, things happen in God’s time and in his own way, so now that they have it, the pay increase, just a word from us the FNA to challenge all of them to just go out there bearing in mind that we as nurses, one of our core responsibilities is the preservation of life to the fullest and we can only do that with the care that we go out to give.”

The government’s approval of salary adjustments demonstrates their commitment to enhancing healthcare services and appreciation for the dedication and contribution of nurses.