NCD causes 80% of deaths in Fiji

January 17, 2023 6:40 am

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Health states that the non-communicable disease statistics reveal that 80% of the deaths are caused by NCDs.

Speaking at the roundtable discussion on “Innovative Food Practices and the Fight against NCD” at the French residence yesterday, Chief Dietician and Nutritionist Ateca Kama says 85% of the population is consuming an unhealthy diet.

She says it is concerning to note that around 70% of the population is obese.

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“Physical inactivity is also around 53% people who smoke around 30% Alcohol drinkers around 60%.”In terms of metabolic risk factors, high blood sugar is around 30%, higher blood pressure is around 51%, and the nutritional status of overweight and obese kids is around 70%.”

Kama says the government continues to spend over $500 million on the treatment and management of non-communicable diseases annually.

She adds that this can be reduced if people start adopting healthier lifestyle options.