Navosa Hospital incinerator issue clarified

June 20, 2024 5:35 am

[File Photo]

Wastes from all the government hospitals around Western Division is being incinerated at the Navosa Hospital.

This was clarified during the Provincial Council meeting by the Senior Divisional Medical Officer (SDMO) for Nadroga/Navosa, Dr Amos Zibran

Dr Zibran says the Navosa Hospital was chosen due to its capable incinerator, which efficiently handles the current volume of waste generated by hospitals and health centres around the West.

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During the meeting, questions were raised about the exclusivity of Navosa Hospital for waste incineration, prompting Dr Zibran to explain that other facilities were not currently equipped to manage the entire load.

He says that Lautoka Hospital’s incinerator is managed by Aspen Medical, operating independently from the Ministry.

However, Dr Zibran outlined future plans to establish a dedicated incinerator at the Sigatoka Hospital.