100 new doctors enter healthcare system each year

May 18, 2024 12:54 pm

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services acknowledges the positive trend of approximately 100 new doctors entering the healthcare system each year.

While speaking at the Fiji Medical Association mini-conference in Suva this morning, Permanent Secretary Dr.Jemesa Tudravu says this number encompasses graduates from local training institutions as well as those who have trained overseas and returned to contribute to Fiji’s health system.

Dr.Tudravu says these new doctors are distributed between the Ministry of Health and the private sector, reflecting the growing presence of private healthcare facilities in Fiji.

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“While the influx of new doctors is generally sufficient to meet demand, there are also attrition rates to consider. On average, around 30 doctors exit the Ministry of Health each year, although this number fluctuates due to factors such as transfers and external opportunities like the Aspen program.”

However, he also highlights the need for training institutions to align their output with the demand in the health sector.

Overall, the Minister emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between incoming and outgoing doctors to ensure a steady increase in the healthcare workforce and meet the evolving needs of Fiji’s population.