Growing vendor numbers create space shortage

June 23, 2024 4:34 pm

The Nabouwalu market is currently facing a space shortage due to the growing number of vendors on busy days.

Market mistress Mereoni Vakaoca highlighted to FBC News that this can also be attributed to the rising number of customers passing through the Nabouwalu jetty, whom they serve daily.

She says the market has been the only building in Nabouwalu that has been catering to farmers since the late 1990s but urgently needs an upgrade.

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However, the Savusavu Town Council has now provided tents to cater for other vendors on a busy day.

“I was the vendor before, and I know the struggle, but we are thankful to Savusavu Town Council for the tents, which are always put up when there is a need or when there is heavy rain because most of us have women vendors, and it has been really helping us here in Nabouwalu market.”

Meanwhile, the Savusavu Vendors Association adds that the vendors at the Savusavu market also face space shortages at times, but all anticipate the space in the new market, which is currently under construction.

Both the Nabouwalu and Savusavu markets are under the administration of Savusavu Town Council, which looks after most farmers from Bua and Cakaudrove provinces and also contributes to the economy.