Good Neighbour International assists rural women

May 28, 2024 4:01 pm

Non-government organization Good Neighbour International is conducting a training program for rural women in the province of Ra, focusing on sewing school uniforms.

National Director Sarote Kunausi says this initiative addresses the high costs associated with purchasing school uniforms, which can be a significant financial burden for families.

Kunausi says the training aims to equip women with the skills to sew their children’s school uniforms, thus reducing their expenses.

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“So one of the ladies say no Sarote, we will bring the sewing machines and this time you give the sewing machines you are keeping at the container to the ladies and let them take it to the village and let them make use of the knowledge that they have gained so that is a very nice thing that these women did.”

The program enlists lecturers from TAFE Australia and upon completion of the two-week program, each participant will receive a sewing machine.

In addition to the sewing initiative, Good Neighbor International offers various forms of assistance to the community.

This includes finding markets for farm produce from Ra and other support services, thereby contributing to the overall economic development and sustainability of the region.