Fijians pay tribute to American George Floyd

June 3, 2020 6:30 am

Some Fijians today joined the growing global protest towards racism and police brutality. [Source: Shamima Ali]

Some Fijians yesterday joined the growing global protest against racism and police brutality.

Led by Shamima Ali, this concerned group wanted to have their say in the growing unrest following the death of American George Floyd in a case of suspected murder by a police officer.

The Floyd case has given rise to protests and riots in America as well demonstrations in other countries.

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[Source: Shamima Ali]

Ali says she and a few family friends wanted show their concern.

However, shortly after laying the flowers in front of the US Embassy in Tamavua, it’s understood police removed them.

[Source: Shamima Ali]

 “This was a tribute to him (George Floyd) and we thought we’d take some flowers and lay it there and stand there for 8mins and 46 secs, the time it took for him to die when the Police Officer had him by the throat, literally and it was a very uncomfortable feeling so we thought we’d stand there as a symbolism. It’s also about bringing to the fore the amount of police brutality throughout the world including Fiji.”

Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirms the police were at the scene to remind Ali and friends of their crowded numbers in light of the social gathering restrictions in place.

It’s understood that 18 people took part in the tribute assembly.