Fiji boosts trade worker opportunities

March 5, 2024 4:18 pm

The Minister for Employment, Agni Deo Singh[ 2nd from left] during the Incentive Apprenticeship Training Grant Award event [Source: TSLS/Facebook]

When it comes to quality jobs, trades often offer better returns than academic qualifications.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Employment, Agni Deo Singh during the Incentive Apprenticeship Training Grant Award event, where over 200 students received the grant.

Singh highlighted the crucial role of trade workers in the economy.

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He says as a pilot program, the government has allocated 400 apprenticeship incentive grants in the current budget, totaling $300,000 to help boost our labour market.

“Academic qualifications are less marketable than the trades and they earn better as well if people are talking about quality jobs, they are quality jobs because they give you better return as a worker.”

Singh adds by increasing awareness more people will take part in apprenticeship training.

“I think what we need is more awareness of this scheme in high school and I urge employers, TSLS, and FNU to work closely with the Ministry of Education and school-based careers teachers and heads of schools. The awareness should expand to parents and wider communities.”

Fiji’s commitment to enhancing the job market and economy is demonstrated through increased apprenticeship opportunities for skilled trade workers.