Committee to support review of MIDA Act 2010: Turaga

February 9, 2023 4:43 pm

The Coalition Government is expected to establish a committee that will assist the Ministry of Communication when they review the Fiji Media Industry Development Act 2010.

Many newsroom editors have in the past revealed that this legislation hangs as a noose over the heads of their journalists during the Bainimarama administration.

Attorney General Siromi Turaga says he will cooperate with the Ministry of Communication but confirms that he does not want to be too involved in the review process.

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“I see no merit in the Attorney General being involved.”

Turaga says the media fraternity will have a facelift with many changes expected on the provisions under this act.

“Key component of MIDA is the Attorney General so obviously the agency will sit down and map out a way forward for the review, amendment and or abrogation of the act.”

There is no set time frame of when these changes will be carried out but the AG reassures that it will be sooner rather than later given that the coalition government voted on the platform of media freedom amongst other issues.