Another major development set for the Northern Division

February 7, 2024 6:46 am

A multi-million dollar complex is set to be built in the northern division, with the Vusaibati clan in Wailevu, Macuata, confirming the sale of a 10-acre land to RB Patel Group Ltd for $1 million.

Vusaibati spokesperson, Kelepi Nagasa recently returned from Suva after engaging in productive discussions with Surendra Patel, the Executive Director of RB Patel Group Ltd, about the upcoming shopping complex.

Nagasa says the Vusaibati clan is pleased that their land will soon be utilized for the greater good, bringing benefits to thousands of people.

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“This will be one of the biggest RB complexes in the country and we the members of the Mataqali Vusaibati are excited about this project here in Wailevu. So all documents and payment have been made and we are thankful to the TLTB for all the assistance and guidance but the only thing left now is the work to begin.”

Nagasa adds that this development marks just the beginning of a much larger dream.

“We can’t wait to see the work begin, in the coming years we want to see our land developed further with the possibility of it declaring a town someday.”

Clan leader Apisai Cumere emphasizes that bestowed gifts should not remain idle, and they firmly believe they have made the right decision.

The Vusaibati clan, consisting of approximately 80 members, has been guaranteed employment opportunities and various other benefits through this collaboration.

The RB Patel Group Ltd is publicly listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange.