Action Plan for Women's Economic Empowerment

November 21, 2023 4:24 pm

[Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

The government has announced the initiation of a comprehensive national action plan as a significant step towards advancing women’s economic empowerment.

Minister for Women, Children, and Social Protection, Lynda Tabuya, expressed hope about the plan’s ability to improve women’s economic opportunities across the country.

According to Tabuya, the government’s commitment to creating an environment that supports women’s economic empowerment is expected to be strengthened by the upcoming National Action Plan, which is scheduled to be launched early next year.

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“But we are beginning our journey for a national action plan for women’s empowerment, and we hope that this microbank will be part of this opportunity or part of the national action plan to explore this.”

The minister emphasized the importance of utilizing this initiative to take economic empowerment to new heights.

Tabuya is optimistic that the National Action Plan aims to address various barriers hindering women’s economic empowerment, with a focus on creating an inclusive environment that allows women to flourish economically.