Climate Change

$2 million to combat climate change

September 22, 2023 6:38 am

The Higher Education Commission of Fiji has forged a partnership with Monash University through the signing of the 2023–2024 Pacific Action Plan for Climate Transitions.

HEC Chairperson Steve Chand says that the government has provided $2 million for the collaboration, emphasizing that it marks the current administration’s proactive stance in financing an action plan aimed at combating the impacts of climate change.

Chand says HEC asserts the imperative need to align with the overarching objective of advancing Fiji’s landscape to address the climate crisis.

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“In the spirit of transparency, I wish to reiterate the pivotal role each one of us plays in ensuring that this investment serves its purpose diligently and effectively.”

Founding Director of the Pacific Action for Climate Change Transition, Professor Paresh Narayan, says that PACT will ensure that only the most relevant projects are chosen.

“Who chooses this? It’s not Monash University, it’s not FNU, it’s not USP, it’s not the University of Fiji, but it is the locals, and we want to empower the locals to make that decision.”

The agreement will focus on improving understanding of the socio-economic costs of climate change, the risks of inaction, and the costs and benefits of mitigation and adaptation responses.