Vendors bracing for fee hikes

April 2, 2024 7:51 am

[File Photo]

Market vendors are facing potential fee hikes as the Nausori Town Council wrestles with financial challenges.

Despite securing a $9.8 million loan for the market’s construction, the council is now struggling to effectively manage its operations.

Acting Chief Executive Saidi Nazrana has disclosed that the revenue generated from market operations falls short of covering operational expenses.

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She also highlights the outdated fee structure, inherited from the previous market, as a major contributing factor to the deficit.

Nazrana also emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough consultations before implementing any changes.

“Before we do that we will notify the public and we will consult MLG as well before we take any actions on that but we are looking for other measures of increasing our revenue streams because we are trying to use the rates funds to actually service the ratepayers not divert funds into other areas.”

The Nausori Town Council stresses that revising the fee structure will better align with current market demands.