Kamikamica unveils online portal to simplify business processes

January 26, 2024 4:26 pm

Minister for Trade, Manoa Kamikamica says Fiji is striving to improve its business climate and attract more investors, creating a friendly and sustainable atmosphere.

Kamikamica highlighted this at the launch of the rebranded online portal businessNOW FIJI for Ease of Doing Business Project.

The Minister highlights that integrating digital tools and technology can enhance business operations, making them more effective, accurate, and streamlined.

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“Investment-related legislations have been redesigned to eliminate redundant steps, streamline processes, and ensure that investing in Fiji is not only easier and faster but also cost-effective, all while safeguarding Fiji’s national interests.”

Kamikamica challenged all industry stakeholders to make full use of this new opportunity.

“I urge our stakeholders from key agencies to rise to the occasion, initiate necessary changes within their organizations, and ensure the adoption and adaptation of the new way of delivering services to the business community”.

Permanent Secretary for Trade Shaheen Ali highlights the importance of this integration to Fiji’s economy.

“More importantly, it creates an information hub for MSMEs and Investors as well, this involves providing the right information, the right support and the right tools, at the right time”.

BusinessNOW simplifies business establishment processes in Fiji for entrepreneurs and investors, it also offers registration and construction permit approvals through checklists, timelines, and downloadable forms.