Investments vital to retain FSC staff

April 19, 2024 6:07 am

[File Photo]

Sugar Minister Charan Jeath Singh says funds from executive management remuneration are being redirected towards investing in employees, aimed at retaining staff within the Fiji Sugar Corporation.

This revelation comes in response to queries from Opposition MP Taito Rokomatu regarding the financing of the recently announced 5 percent pay increase for FSC staff.

Singh says FSC has lost 110 employees due to either migration or offers from organizations providing higher remuneration packages.

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He adds that the last salary adjustment took place in 2019.

Singh adds that this stagnation has notably affected employee morale, motivation, and productivity.

In response to these challenges, Singh states the FSC Board has sanctioned a five percent increment, amounting to $1.1 million annually, which came into effect in January.

“This has benefited nearly 2,000 FSC employees. It is important to note that executive management is not part of this salary increase, while the majority of FSC employees have already received an increment and are benefiting from it.”

The minister says this measure is intended to address the decline in morale and productivity among FSC employees.