Pearls down tough Samoan side

June 11, 2024 6:42 pm

[Source: Netball Fiji/Facebook]

The Fiji Pearls faced a formidable challenge from Samoa in their second match at the PacificAus Sports Netball Series in Brisbane, Australia.

Despite the tough competition, the Pearls managed a 64-55 win.

The Fijian team dominated the first two quarters, establishing a significant lead over the Samoan side.

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Their impressive play left Samoa trailing by a considerable margin.

However, the third quarter saw a shift in momentum as the Pearls slowed down, allowing Samoa to narrow the gap.

Despite this, the Pearls managed to maintain their composure and fend off the Samoan comeback.

Seasoned players Una Rauluni, Alesi Waqa and Maliana Seruvakula delivered an outstanding performance.

Their formidable attacking style and strategic play were pivotal in securing the victory and keeping Samoa at bay.

The Fiji Pearls are set to face First Nations Australia tomorrow at 5pm and you can catch the action live on FBC 2.