Pace set for rest of Pearls campaign

June 11, 2024 6:47 am

[Source: Netball Fiji/ Facebook]

Fiji Pearls coach Una Rokoura emphasizes that the team will approach every game prepared in all aspects: physically, emotionally and mentally.

This commitment was evident in their 67-52 victory over Singapore yesterday where they maintained a commanding lead throughout the match.

Rokoura highlights that the bond within the team is crucial, as it empowers them to overcome any challenges they may face.

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“On the day it’s the team that turns up to play, will turn out winners. This is something we continue to drive to the players that no matter what we have to turn up mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.”

The Pearls will go into their second match this afternoon against Samoa.

The two will clash at 5pm and you can watch it LIVE on FBC 2.