Gollings sheds light on termination

June 21, 2024 12:46 pm

Former Fiji Airways Men's 7s coach Ben Gollings

Former Fiji Airways Men’s 7s coach Ben Gollings has provided insight into his termination by the Fiji Rugby Union earlier this year.

Speaking on ABC Pacific Beat today, Gollings says that the four warnings he received were unjustified and not properly delivered.

He suggests that his termination involved more than just the team’s performance issues.

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Gollings revealed that he had a strategic plan aimed at securing a third gold medal at this year’s Olympics, which was gradually taking shape.

The former coach adds that significant interference hindered his ability to perform his duties effectively and assume full responsibility for the team’s direction.

Gollings adds that the Fijian media were driven by an agenda and were manipulated to report in a manner that favoured the Fiji Rugby Union.

Gollings was fired on the 8th of March after failing to win a World Sevens Series tournament in 19 outings and was immediately replaced by Osea Kolinisau.