Women troubled with shortage of water

May 13, 2024 12:37 pm

Women remain vulnerable due to the scarcity of water encountered in the three villages of the distant District of Vutia in the Province of Rewa.

66-year-old Lanieta Kaikadavu says they have been plagued by the issue ever since she was born, and it is about time that the matter is resolved.

Kaikadavu says women face a variety of challenges due to the water crisis.

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“As women, we have a lot of duties to perform at home and in the community. The scarcity of water would disrupt our activities. We need to cook for the family, wash the dishes and clothes, and clean the house and compound. We cannot do it without water, a lot of our duties.”

The mother-of-three pleads for assistance with the issue that persists in their vicinity.

“We would be grateful we can be assisted with tanks to store water. It would really help us. Especially during busy times. In December when we have a lot of people in the village. This is when we need a lot of water, but there is little to none available.”

The District of Vutia expresses gratitude for the intervention by concerned organizations.

This as Fiji’s Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission is closely working with the government and its development partners to ensure reliable access to water for the District of Vutia.