We are still MPs: Usamate

May 31, 2024 7:18 am

Jone Usamate

The 17 Opposition Members of FijiFirst are disputing the legality of their termination by the party.

Speaking on behalf of the group via a statement, Jone Usamate, said as far as they’re concerned, they are still members of Parliament.

Usamate said they will await the full process of the law to take its course.

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The 17 received letters from the Acting General Secretary of the party today notifying them that their seats in parliament have been vacated.

The MPs are Mosese Bulitavu, Sanjay Kirpal, Semi Koroilavesau, Shalen Kumar, Virendra Lal, IoaneNaivalurua, Sachida Nand, Vijay Nath, Viliame Naupoto, Ratu Josaia Niudamu, Penioni Ravunawa, Taito Rokomatu, Inia Seruiratu, Alipate Tuicolo, Naisa Tuinaceva, Usamate and Alvick Maharaj who was part of the Emoluments Committee.