Wakaya Perfection elevates Fiji's global brand

March 7, 2024 3:25 pm

[Source: Wakaya Perfection/Facebook]

Wakaya Perfection, a company created by the founder of Fiji Water, Late David Gilmour and his business partner David M. Roth are branding Fiji globally.

The Company’s co-owner, co-founder and CEO David M. Roth, who has a long association with Fiji and served here for several years says that Wakaya Perfection’s products are hitting high profile shopping icons such as Harrods in London.

Roth says Wakaya Perfection specializes in organic, kosher and halal Fijian products such as ginger and turmeric.

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Roth says these products are marketed worldwide through proper processing and packaging.

He says it was always the wish of Late David Gilmour and him to develop Fiji’s agricultural sector and export high end processed organic products to the global market, including kava and sea salt.

Roth says they are ready to continue to invest in Fiji both in agricultural and tourism sector.

He says local farmers will benefit by supplying produce to Wakaya Perfection and they will invest heavily by providing technical expertise and pay premium price to local farmers.

Roth adds Fiji can develop a niche in providing organic products to international consumers.

He stresses that he will assist Fiji by developing the agricultural sector by engaging in export of high quality agricultural produce.

Roth will be visiting Fiji shortly to meet with Government officials and other stakeholders and explore further investments and potentials in agricultural and tourism sector.