Village benefit from transformative training

May 24, 2024 3:02 pm

[Source: Ministry of Forestry, Fiji/ Facebook]

Around 42 villagers from Narata Village in Nadroga have participated in the transformative training program that was conducted by the Ministry of Forestry.

The aim of this training program was to educate communities on seed propagation and nursery management.

Community members will be able to nurture benefits that will enhance their livelihoods and assist them in the areas of quality seedlings.

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[Source: Ministry of Forestry, Fiji/ Facebook]

This also increases forest cover that will encourage reforestation, and self-sufficiency in establishing and managing their nurseries independently.

[Source: Ministry of Forestry, Fiji/ Facebook]

The Ministry of Forestry has also outlined its future plans that will assist villages in areas of forestry including the implementation of agroforestry practices that will integrate agriculture and forestry for sustainable land use with the national goal of planting 30 million trees.

[Source: Ministry of Forestry, Fiji/ Facebook]

This training marks a significant step towards empowering the Narata community with sustainable practices that will benefit their livelihoods and the environment.