Utilize resources to combat poverty urges PM

January 16, 2024 6:39 am

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, during an interview on Radio Fiji One’s “Na Noda Paraiminisita” program, underscored the abundant resources available to the iTaukei people, emphasizing that poverty can be overcome through the effective utilization of these resources.

Rabuka asserted that iTaukei communities are inherently blessed with various resources, including traditional fishing grounds and arable land.

He says, in a traditional setting, these resources, coupled with adherence to cultural values and traditions, provide the foundation for a prosperous life.

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“We don’t need money to buy all these things as they are available around us, and the only thing we have to do is farm, go out fishing, and utilize all the resources around us because this can help us get out of poverty.”

Rabuka stressed that poverty should not be a prevalent issue if the available resources are utilized diligently.

He says the key to avoiding poverty lies in active engagement and a proactive approach to utilizing the resources at hand.

Rabuka emphasized the importance of industrious efforts within iTaukei communities to tap into their inherent wealth and improve their socio-economic conditions.

The Prime Minister believes that resource utilization serves as a reminder of the wealth embedded in traditional practices and the potential for self-sufficiency within the iTaukei communities.