SCGF to assist growers

March 20, 2024 2:48 pm

[Source: ba Town Council/Facebook]

The Sugar Cane Growers Fund stands ready to assist the growers should they require assistance following the current flooding and adverse weather conditions.

Chief Executive Raj Sharma says the teams subject to weather permitting, are on the ground to assess the situation.

He says they are also in consultation with Ministry of Multi Ethnic Affairs and Sugar Industry and other stakeholders.

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Sharma says if there is a need to activate Rehabilitation Loan Package, SCGF will do it accordingly.

He says those growers whose crops or household items have been affected due to the flood could also seek assistance to defer the repayment in the next cane payment, which could be considered on case by case basis.

Sharma states that SCGF as a trust fund is always there for the growers to assist however, growers requested to be mindful of the debt.

However, he adds that considering that during natural disasters sometimes unexpected burdens and financial needs arise.