Potential path to amend Constitution says Turaga

June 21, 2024 4:44 pm

Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga

Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga reveals that the Coalition Government has identified a potential path to amend the 2013 Constitution.

Speaking to FBC News, Turaga stressed on the government’s effort to win over opposition parties.

He adds it is important to have a 75 percent parliamentary vote to enact changes to the Constitution.

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“We’ve got a 40% vote in the bill for emoluments. So basically, it signals to us that we have the support on the other side. And look, we’ve been working on this from last year. Strategically, the only thing we did was this. We showed them that we need to work together,”

Turaga says a lack of public participation during the 2013 Constitution’s drafting was the reason for its limited widespread public support.

There he says a comprehensive review is necessary.

Turaga is hopeful that members of the opposition will be guided by common sense and will cooperate.