Police calls for improved communication

January 4, 2024 2:20 pm

Chief of Operations, ACP Livai Driu, says many young people are usually reported missing because they do not inform their loved ones about their whereabouts.

His comments come after 16-year-old Selai Talei, a student of Tamavua-i-Wai, was located and reunited with her family. Talei had been reported missing from home since December 28th.

ACP Driu explains that people often visit friends or relatives and decide to spend a day or two there without informing anyone.

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He adds that these individuals also don’t realize that their families are worried about them until a missing person report is lodged.

The Chief of Operations notes that people only realize they are reported missing once the report goes up on social media.

The Fiji Police Force is calling on all parents to talk to their children about the importance of communicating their whereabouts at all times.

ACP Driu emphasizes that with almost everyone carrying a mobile phone, Fijians should inform their loved ones of their whereabouts with a simple text or call.