Pacific region asserts independence and calls for solidarity

June 14, 2023 12:45 pm

Pacific Islands Forum Special Leaders Retreat earlier this year in Nadi, Fiji. [Source: Pacific Islands Forum]

Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad asserts that the Pacific region has long been subject to decisions made on its behalf, but that era is now over.

Addressing attendees at the Pacific Update, Prasad emphasizes that the Blue Pacific’s North Star, the Blue Pacific’s 2050 Strategy, forms the foundation for the region’s purpose, direction, and engagement with the global system.

Highlighting the clear vision of the Coalition Government, Prasad emphasizes the significance of solidarity for the nation.

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“The Pacific needs a breakthrough moment. We need to break through the constraints that a tired and archaic global financial architecture imposes on our countries. We need a breakthrough moment to sidestep the harsh fallout from a geo-economics that is about the interests of the largest states and economies.”

Prasad underlines that strengthened Pacific solidarity will empower regional institutions to provide greater support to Pacific nations.

The Finance Minister firmly advocates for a fully integrated Blue Pacific as the immediate aspiration for the region.

By championing this vision, Prasad aims to bolster the region’s autonomy and ensure its active participation on the global stage.