NDMO advances in disaster management

April 24, 2024 6:24 am

The National Disaster Management Office has taken significant strides to mitigate the challenges faced in the area of disaster preparedness and response.

Minister for Disaster Management Sakiasi Ditoka says this advancement has been attributed to the amount of preparedness and response exercise during cyclones encountered in the country.

In spite of the progress, the ministry plans to further enhance their capabilities.

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Disaster Management Minister reveals that the ministry plans to set up a center that will house all of their agencies, which will strengthen the NDMO.

“I think that is one of the pressing needs I believe, so that during disasters – agencies do not have to come from all over the place and come up with makeshift resources and makeshift centers, with a dedicated made to measure center with all the necessary communication equipment I believe.”

Ditoka says it might be a long-term plan, but they are hopeful that it will be expedited by their allies.

“It is a long-term plan, and if it happens – it is going to be happening way down the road. We want to see our donor partners to see if we can make it earlier rather than later.”

Sakiasi Ditoka has applauded the efforts in disaster management by the past and present administration, which have assisted in the development of the systems under which the NDMO operates.