Nausori collaborates on drainage solutions

March 27, 2024 6:49 am

The Nausori Town Council is actively working alongside the Ministry of Waterways and the Fiji Roads Authority to address drainage concerns.

This is following the heavy rainfall last week that led to flooding in several areas and hindered traffic flow at the Rewa Bridge.

Acting Chief Executive Saidi Nazrana highlighted this while making submissions before the Standing Committee on Public Accounts on their audited accounts.

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” Actually, in the majority of areas, we noticed that it’s a drainage issue. We won’t deny that, but a in a few places, like Rewa Bridge, the issue was because of the collapse of the drain, I would like to thank the waterways and FRA, who joined hands and cleaned the drain out through Nausori village, and that actually assisted in getting the flood waters out. “

Nazrana adds that the combined effort signifies a comprehensive approach to tackling the drainage challenges.

“For drainage one, we are working with waterways and FRA to actually sort the high-risk areas where flooding occurs; those areas are flood-prone due to this drainage issue, so we are looking into it.”

Nazrana says this collaborative approach demonstrates their commitment to improving Nausori’s infrastructure and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.