Naitasiri high chief backs coalition government

January 30, 2024 11:03 am

Naitasiri High Chief, Turaga na Qaranivalu Ratu Inoke Takiveikata and Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka

Naitasiri High Chief, Turaga na Qaranivalu Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, has assured the support of his Vanua for the coalition government.

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka revealed this to FBC News after disclosing that Ratu Inoke had accompanied Radrodro to his residence yesterday when the former education minister came to apologise.

He says the reassurance from Ratu Inoke was made after he personally decided on the fate of the former Education Minister, Aseri Radrodro.

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The Prime Minister states he conveyed his decision about Radrodro, who will now serve as a backbencher in parliament, and says the Naitasiri High Chief understood the decision made.

“The Turaga na Qaranivalu understood the difference between the “Matanigasau” and the law. You may know and remember there was a big ceremony and reconciliation and Matanigasau at Albert Park and that was because of the 2000 problems but still those that were involved ended up facing action and serving their time in prison.”

Rabuka reveals that two “tabua” were presented yesterday, one as a courtesy call from Ratu Inoke, which was accepted, and the second for Radrodro’s traditional apology, which he also accepted.

The Prime Minister has communicated the situation to Ratu Inoke and the Social Democratic Liberal Party.

“I’ve got the assurance from the Turaga na Qaranivalu that the Vanua of Naitasiri is steadfast in their support for the coalition and my leadership as Prime Minister.”

Aseri Radrodro represented the Naitasiri constituency for SODELPA in the last General Election.

He garnered 1239 votes, the third-highest for SODELPA, securing him a place in Parliament.