Ministry strengthens empowerment of indigenous Fijians

July 10, 2024 3:07 pm

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs endeavor to empower indigenous Fijians has been bolstered by an allocation of $3 million for the iTaukei Resource Owners Support and Development Fund.

Minister, Ifereimi Vasu says this is part of the Economic Empowerment Framework which was established by the Great Council of Chiefs and endorsed by Cabinet last year.

Vasu says the initiative will assist indigenous Fijians resource owners and companies, which will ultimately increase their contribution to the economy.

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“Funding has been provided for provincial economic units. The purpose of these units is to drive economic activities and enhance market access. Market access is the issue for our community.”

Ifereimi Vasu

Vasu says it will also strengthen the capabilities of the vanua to address and resolve various issues that exist in society, therefore $1 million has also been allocated for the iTaukei Land and Fisheries Commission.

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, Culture, Heritage and Art also acknowledges the increase in their allocation in the 2024-2025 national budget; from $38.7 million to $39.4 million.