Liu emphasizes vital role of independent journalism

July 5, 2024 6:06 am

Asia and Pacific Regional Director Irene Liu

Asia and Pacific Regional Director Irene Liu stresses the urgency of prioritizing independent journalism.

She highlighted this while speaking at the 2024 Pacific Media Conference held in Suva yesterday.

Liu states that independent journalism stands as a fundamental pillar in society, offering critical information essential for individuals to navigate complex decisions.

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“People need to decide and they do decide how they seek information and where they seek it which is on multiple platforms competing with every other kind of media, entertainment, lifestyle, and now they’re being, because of misinformation and disinformation, because of just the noise of information, this question of who to trust. Challenges are vast, and yet the need for trustworthy information has just never been greater. Independent journalism, at its best, is a bulwark against corruption.”

She also emphasizes the significance of expanding perspectives beyond individual experiences, advocating for a deeper understanding in our globally interconnected world.

Liu highlights the pivotal role of accurate and unbiased reporting in shaping societies, promoting transparency, and fostering informed dialogue amidst evolving regional and global challenges.