Joint effort to tackle drug problem

April 12, 2024 12:53 pm

The Ministry of Finance is working together with the Home Affairs Ministry and other stakeholders to tackle the drug problem head-on.

Minister Professor Biman Prasad emphasizes the urgency of tackling the drug issue due to its severity.

Professor Prasad says that efforts will be made to enhance the capabilities of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration as well.

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According to the Finance Minister, the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service is taking steps to work closely with stakeholders and put measures in place to address the issue.

“That will reduce the chances of people bringing drugs through proper routes, such as you know, customs. You know it used to happen in the past and could still be happening.”

Professor Prasad says FRCS is an important organization, particularly at the border, looking at goods that arrive in Fiji through various means and pass customs.

He adds that in the upcoming budget, they intend to address the fundamental issues affecting Fijians.