Grounding incident to be investigated

June 14, 2024 5:58 am

[Source: Republic of Fiji Navy]

The circumstances leading to the recent grounding incident involving one of Fiji Navy’s patrol boats RFNS Puamau will be comprehensively investigated and understood through due process.

The Fiji Navy in a statement says it is aware of the feedback and discussions circulating in various media platforms and social media.

The Navy confirms that the primary focus remains on conducting salvage operations with utmost regard for environmental safety while also addressing counseling support for the crew and families.

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[Source: Republic of Fiji Navy]

The challenging conditions of Fulaga passage highlights the need for thorough planning and proactive measures with salvage experts to address any potential contingencies.

Additional recovery equipment and resources are being mobilised, including specialist equipment from overseas, to facilitate the safe removal of fuel and stores before initiating vessel extraction from the reef.

The bulk of salvage resources are anticipated to arrive by the weekend, and a team of Navy divers and engineers continue to monitor the vessel.

The Fiji Navy has acknowledged the Australian Government, Pacific Maritime Security Program, local and regional partners for their unwavering support throughout the endeavor.